"Towards 2030 : What the future holds?" provides the theme for the launch event of AIT Enterprises Alliance. The theme is a quest to look towards a great and progressive decade through transformation and industry-academia collaboration envisioned by the AIT Enterprises Alliance.

At the end of the session, Towards 2030-What the future holds"- we wish to listen from experts how 2030 would look like, and where we should be focusing on given the rapid transformation, including disruption, in every sector. We also try to achieve the learnings AIT should embed in its journey of transformation. We are focusing on shifts in the future of businesses, government policies, education, workplace, and our society brought in by challenges and technology with mention of avenues for academia-industry collaboration.


David Galipeau

Senior Program Specialist, Director
Yunus Center Near Future Lab

Ms. Gita Sabharwal

United Nations Resident Coordinator in Thailand

Dr. Samphan Silapanad

Vice President, Western Digital
Executive Committee Member,NXPO

Dr. Naveed Anwar

Vice President for Knowledge Transfer